The Ski Haus at Evergreen Lodge is your on-site value ski rental destination for the whole family. Located in the lobby of the Evergreen Lodge we specialize in carrying the finest selection of Demos Skis and Boards as well as Performance and Junior skis and board packages. Our modest retail selection will take care of any last minute necessities to complete your day on the mountain. We also provide complimentary ski storage for all guests of the Evergreen Lodge. Stop in at Ski Haus to start your ski day off right! Testing the editor.

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Demo Skis

We offer award-winning brands and models that are chosen to compliment the current conditions as well as your ability. $49.99/Day
$39.99/day with "skihaus" promo code.

Demo Boards

Coming in styles suitable for every possible type of snow, terrain and riding, our boards make your best days even better. $49.99/Day
$39.99/day with "skihaus" promo code.

Skis Only

(You own your own boots) Please bring a boot with you into the shop so we can set the bindings. $39.99/Day $31.99/day with "skihaus" promo code.

Board Only

(You own your own boots) Please bring a boot with you into the shop so we can set the bindings. $39.99/Day $31.99/day with "skihaus" promo code.

Performance Skis

Our performance skis offer a fantastic experience on the slopes. Performance skis are generally for beginner to intermediate skiers. $39.99/Day
$31.99/day with "skihaus" promo code.

Jr. Demo Skis

If there’s a future Olympian in your family, fear not, we have equipment that will suit his or her high level of skiing. $34.99/Day
$27.99/day with "skihaus" promo code.

Jr. Ski Package

Junior skis are designed to be the best equipment to learn on for all your little ones. $24.99/Day
$19.99/day with "skihaus" promo code.

Jr. Board Package

Junior boards are designed to be the best equipment to learn on for all your little ones. $24.99/Day
$19.99/day with "skihaus" promo code.

Looking for the Cheapest Ski Rentals in Vail? Look No Further

Come to Vail for the slopes, the food, and the atmosphere. When you're looking for the best value in ski and snowboard rentals in Vail, look no further.

We've got you covered.

You may have considered owning your own ski and snowboard equipment, but you can save a lot of hassle and money by renting ski and snowboard gear, especially when your gear is dated or you are traveling to Vail and would have to haul gear along with you. Renting gear provides you the unique opportunity to test out different ski and snowboard manufacturers' equipment, along with well-maintained styles for the current conditions, and various sizes without a big investment in money and storage.

Renting Versus Buying Ski and Snowboard Equipment

For frequent travelers or out-of-town visitors, it can be difficult packing for a ski trip. Between the bulky sweaters, warm pants, thick socks, and bulky outerwear, you already have a lot to think about. It's expensive to purchase appropriate bags for the skis and snowboards themselves (not to mention carrying them around, paying extra checked bag fees, and keeping track of them).

Skis and snowboards can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per person, and if you don't get to the mountain frequently, can quickly become out of date. For a family, this is a major investment. Add the baggage fees imposed by airlines and you've added another few hundred dollars to your vacation cost each trip.

For most people visiting Colorado for a ski vacation from out-of-state, it is much easier and more cost-effective to find Vail discount ski rentals.

Benefits of Renting Skis

In addition to the cost differences between buying and renting skis, there's also the flexibility.

There are factors to be considered like equipment length and size, and types of material used in the manufacturing process (wood, metal, foam). Different brands like Volkl, Rossignol, and K2 will likely last longer over time and carry better warranties in case of damage. When you rent ski equipment, you can try different brands and models on the slopes and see what you like best. No worries if you don't like the style, just drop it off and try something else!

Many times, you'll be able to try out the some of the latest technologies, and experience advancements in materials and shapes that change from season to season.

While opting for the cheapest ski rentals in Vail used to be something you may have avoided, it now makes sense for everybody. You have more control over selection and can get a feel for which options work best for you.

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck at Vail

Vail is well known as one of the premier ski resorts in the world.

In addition to the diverse ski terrain itself, which is unmatched, the amenities also make it a standout for tourists and locals alike.

From on-mountain facilities and events, high-tech lifts, family-friendly entertainment like movies and ice skating, and gourmet dining options, there are limitless experiences to be shared.

It's a worthwhile trip for sure, but with all of these activities and modern leisure, things can start to add up. This is especially true for families and first-timers, who will want to make the most of the experience.

For this reason, it makes sense to look for the cheapest ski rentals in Vail, and save your budget for other things. You shouldn't have to choose between enjoying the slopes and enjoying a nice sit-down dinner and a show.

By choosing affordable ski rentals, you won't have to make unnecessary sacrifices throughout the trip. This can truly be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation - don't miss out on anything because of equipment costs!

Finding the Cheapest Ski Rentals in Vail

Discount ski rentals in Vail at Ski Haus Evergreen Lodge provides great value to visitors. An added benefit is the concierge service in which experts help you choose the best skis and boots based on your skiing ability and current conditions on the mountain.

Beginner skiers may not know that different snow depths, temperatures, and snow conditions require different types of equipment. Having expert advice will help ensure your best possible experience.

Planning Your Vacation on the Slopes

There's more to planning the perfect vacation than finding the cheapest discount Vail ski rentals.

Most importantly - you have to actually book your trip!

Now is the perfect time to book your ski retreat, since many people begin putting everything together their trips months ahead of time. This allows you to plan the exact experience you want without having to worry about the resort being fully booked by the time you call.

Start researching lodges and figuring out what type of accommodations your party is looking for. If you're traveling with children, look for something that has sufficient entertainment and activities available for them such as access to a pool or game room.

If this is an adults-only getaway, you'll have a number of options to suit everyone's needs with live music and nightlife nearby, a secluded hot tub, or fine dining and cultural choices.

Finding the cheapest ski rentals in Vail is definitely a priority, but there are many other things you'll be considering as well. Do your homework ahead of time so you'll be able to relax and take advantage of all there is to offer once you get here.

For further information, feel free to contact us at 800-284-8245 or via email us at to learn more about high-quality, discount ski rentals.